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Chatters Tale Chords

CHATTER'S TALE by Orange and Lemons

INTRO: Bm--G-F#-(2x)

Bm           Em
 We met in a chat room
Bm                Em                  Bm
 I asked for your name,your age too soon
                 Em                    Bm
 You asked for location, I gave you my phone
 and called me home
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Bm              Em
 We've met in a coffee room
Bm                Em                   Bm
 You're wearing a tank top that's so cool
                  Em                      G
 The way that you flashed your smile, the look in your eyes
 it blew my mind


VERSE: kaparehas din ng sa naunang VERSE

 I picked you up in a classroom
 We went to a movie in the mall
 I hooked up your shoulders and gave me a kiss
 that did it all

 We went to your bedroom
 You took off your clothes, my heart went boom
 The passion we shared
 was unbelievable
Bm                         G         F#
 How many times we did it, I can't recall

OUTRO: Bm--G-F#-(2x)

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