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Im Sorry Chords

Song: "I'm Sorry"
Opihi Pickers
Written By: Tyler Nakamura

Intro: G - D - C - D - G - D - C - Am

Verse One:
           G            D  C-D                G     C  --  D
Oh You've could've been born, On trumpets parade.
G            D C-D            G      C   --  D
Instead You lay, On a bed of hay.
      G             D  C-D             G    C  --  D
Never to be crownd gold, Or rule on high.
      G           D   C-D              G     C --  D
Your mission was simple, You lived to die.
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          G    D - C -D
And I'm sorry
          G       D       C     D
For everytime I fall, oh yes I am
          G    D - C - D
And I'm sorry, yeah
          G            D        C - D
For not listening to Your call

Post Chorus:
      Em             D         C               D
Lord forgive all my sins, You know where I've been
          G - D - C - D
And I'm sorry

Verse Two:
          G          D   C-D           G  - D - C -D
Oh Your blood was spilled, for me to live...oh thank You Lord
     G         D  C-D             G   D-C-D
You gave true love, the greatest gift.
         G       D  C-D           G   D-C-D
All my sins forgiven, upon that tree.
        G          D   C-D               G D-C-D
Oh my sweet sweet Jesus, You've set me free