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Bad Town Tab

**Tabbed by: firebird93 (Dalton Fowler)**
**Email: mynameis20characters@yahoo.com**
Operation Ivy- Bad Town

Okay- all the guitar tabs currently on here are god awful, so I decided to
figure it out myself as my band'll be covering it. For those of you that
care, the song is in f major(written out below for those not familiar). Any
mistakes, please email me! Thanks guys, its my first tab, so let me know
what you think- comment and rate.

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

*  Rest
# Sharp
♭ Flat

    F    F     C     C
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/o/operation_ivy/bad_town_tab_ver_6.html ]
G|--2-----2-----3-----3----------------| Note: Its sometimes fun to mix the 
D|--3--*--3-x3--3--*--3-x3-------------| strums up and add some dead notes as
A|--3-----3-----1-----1----------------| the intro and verse are kinda easy 
E|--1-----1-----1-----1----------------| and a little boring to play.

   A#/BF     C

B|--6-----1-----3-----1----------------|Sorry guys, no real pattern here. 
G|--7-----2-----3-----2----------------|Listen to the original off energy and
D|--8-----3-----3-----3----------------|it should be pretty easy to get;
A|--8-----3-----1-----3----------------|punk doesn't need a set pattern 
E|--6-----1-----1-----1----------------|anyway haha.

F major scale so you can solo

F    G    A    BC    D