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So Impossible Tab

“So Impossible”
Performed by Opal
Words and Music by Mike Lemense
From “The Rodent’s Apprentice” and “A Rock Musical”

Standard Tuning
Pretty Slow pace during verses, pretty fast pace at refrain and bridge

There are two odd chords introduced in this song, and I’m not sure what they are called (sorry!). But I do know what they are after having seen Mike Lemense play it live. The first one is some sort of C-Variation and it looks like this: 320100
So basically C moved up a string, or down in note. The other chord is an E variation where you just put your pinky down on the A string while playing E, so in the end that chord looks like this: 022130
Got it? So where it says C Variation, play the first chord I tabbed, and where it says E variation play the second one. I’m sorry I don’t know the chord names but I’m positive that’s what Mike Lemense plays.
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/o/opal/so_impossible_tab.html ]
C#m		    A
What is so impossible?
	 E			C Variation
About a world dream, is it as far as it seems,
C#m			A
And what’s so unbelievable?
	 E			         C Var.		            		 
About a world of heart, must things always fall apart, 
	    E			    E Var.	
we need a powerful peacemaker for this thing to start
C#m			      A
And what crimes are so illegal?
	   E			     C Var.
That this child must die, and this mother must cry
C#m			         A
And what terrible crimes of evil?
	       E			         C Var.		
Made these men of faith, turn their love to hate, 
        E			            E Var.
well everyone waits, for them to end the debate
C#m		     G		     E
And everyone has waited for too long,
C#m		      C		       E
And everyone has done something wrong,
C#m               D7      G               C
O you may be like I, you give a silent cry,
C#m	       G 			      C		           E	
but it won’t bring peace, it won’t save that person’s life

C#m	           D7         G	     C
O you may be like me, you give a silent plea, 
C#m	       G		      C                         E
but it won’t bring peace it won’t bring harmony
B7		C		G		D           C	          G
And I’ve sensed God raise his brow, what’s there left to believe in now
B7	      G    C		      B		      C                    E
How can it still remain unknown, that we are all made of flesh and bone,
D                     B                         G                                   B7          C                        G
And why can’t these people live together in their home, for everyone one of them stands 

Other Verse
What is uncompromising?
About a world of love, you wouldn’t care what your made of
What is so surprising?
About where we are now, after how you knocked us down, they say don’t come around, if you really care
What is so wonderful and great?
That we smile today, while another’s life is taken away
What is it that motivates?
Us to fight these wars, what the hell is it all for, we’re given command of destiny and still we want more

That’s it, in case you haven’t heard the song, you repeat the first verse set after the second one, and there is a solo in there somewhere, but I can’t tab it, I’m not good with leads and Claude Lerose is amazing. Anyway, that’s it, if someone wants to tab out the solo feel free to do so please.