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Smile Chords

Performed by Opal
Words and Music by Mike Lemense
From ?The Rodent?s Apprentice? Copyright 2002

Important Notes for more accurate playing of the song
Moderate Pace
Standard Tuning
Acoustic 6-string, but sounds fine if played lightly on an electric
Strum Pattern: Basically, in the verses and intro, 7 strums each set of chords. The basic rhythm is 3-3-1. 
there are more than three chords in the chord set, then strums are divided up amongst all the chords 
the first two as follows: Asus D is 2 on Asus, 1 on D. G Em G is 1 on each. Continue to strum the last chord in the chord set 3-5 times before moving on to the next chord set. For the refrain, play D to Asus at a rapid 
each time, and then hold Asus for a second. Than, the other parts of the refrain are just like the verse and intro.  Just listen to the song and you?ll get a good idea of how to play, it?s very easy, one of Opal?s easiest, and once you get the strum pattern, it?s a breeze.

D C9 G
G C9 D
D C9 G Em G
G C9 Asus D

D	      C9		G		  C9		   D
Every time I pass your smile, it makes things better for a while
D		C9	   G Em G	   C9	        Asus	D
And every time I see your face, it takes my soul to a special place
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D  Asus  D  Asus D		    C9	     G
It?s true, It?s true, I think I really do love you
D     Asus   D    Asus	D		C9		    G-4 Strum
You smile, You smile, and everything seems better for just a little while
G	         C9        D
Every time I see you smile

Solo after third time through refrain (You don?t need to learn this, it doesn?t ruin the song, but it is 
awesome solo if played right:
D Dsus D Dsus G Gsus G Gsus A Asus A Asus E Esus E Esus F Fsus F Fsus C Csus C

Csus C D G C9 D G Em G Em D C Am C Am G C9 D C9 G

Additional Verses
Verse 2
Every time you say hello, I stop asking why live and then I know
And every time I see you go, you got to know it hurts me so
Verse 3
Every time I make you glad, it makes me realize what a great life I?ve had
But every time I make you sad, you know it makes me feel so bad
Verse 4
And every time I sing these simple songs, I find they?ve been about you all along
And every time I move your soul, it makes me feel so wonderful
(First verse is then repeated)
2nd to last refrain (last refrain is same as the rest)
You Smile, You Smile, and it lifts me up for just a little while,
O why, do I cry, every time we say goodbye, o I cry when we say goodbye

Alright that?s it, if you haven?t already, check Opal, their the best band you probably haven?t heard of