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The Lonely Life Of A Mystic Chords

This is a great song from a great band

The Lonely Life of a Mystic


---(1)---------------------1---2 ---------2-----1-----------------
Play 4 times with loads of juicy reverb the note
In brackets is only played first time round as you
can see it follows on.

      G                 D                   C                     Am                       GCG
I now glance into these skies that have fallen upon our land for centuries
Em               E                      D                          G
And in the glitter of the stars i feel a traveller
F                       F                 Dm
Of the seven winds, la la la la laa
G                       C             Am
When the sheep baa
I feel an almighty presense
G C             Am
Don't trick me no more
Em                 G                         F
Blood on the carpet, pizza on the floor
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G                              C 
Gaze into my crystal ball
C                     D
Suddenly I see it all
E                 Em
Predict the future
Am         Em
The bookies will be in for it
Dm          Em
The 3:20 at Chepstow
G             G
Oh do a do oh do
C                       Em              Am
I’m in the lonely life of a mystic-hic-hic-hic

G                            C              D
I tried to reach out for the dream
G                      Am                   D
Of crumpets strawberries and cream
Em             Am                 
And  my heart is cold as I sing
                                C           G
This song is a song of nothing
A                     A 
It started quite well I thought
       G                         Em
I tried I did I really fought

F                                G                             Em
To keep the thoughts of a dog is for life  to myself
G                           Am
But  noooo   you hu nu yuiope
G                   C                Am
That was just a fly in my throat


G             C              G
I stared into my crystal ball 
G                    Em
Until I couldn’t see
A             D
The sun hit and
G                Em
Blinded me

G                C       D
Am            Em    Dm
A                     E             G

The lonely life of a mystic!