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Youve Got To Pay Chords

The Only Ones - "You've Got to Pay"
Album: Even Serpents Shine

  It's a tragedy that this band's songs aren't tabbed anywhere. They're
brilliant and really not that difficult to work out or play, even for me, a
total amateur. So I've taken on the task of posting some of their songs'
chords for your rockin' pleasure, and hopefully others will take the cue and
work out some more of their songs and more detailed tabs. Please point out
corrections as needed, since they may not be perfect. Long live The Only 

"You've Got to Pay"

(Sounds fine along with the recording when played with barre chords or power
chords. The little riff after the chorus is F#-F#-E-D#-B-C#-C#.)

B        E      F#           B
I had to choose which one to lose
B          E              F#             B
I couldn't do it for they each had their use
B         E     F#       B
It was so hard, tearing apart
B              E            F#           B
Now I know you gotta get it right at the start

E           F#
I learnt my lesson now
B                    E
I learnt it the hard way
E            F#
If you wanna be in love
             E       F#      B
You've gotta pay and pay and pay
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B         E             F#          B
After the pain that was suffered in vain
B                 E               F#         B
The dark roads we travelled, with nothing to gain
B              E               F#        B
And though the pleasures, will always be treasured
B               E       F#           B
It's a shame it came to such drastic measures

E           F#
Indecision, lack of conviction
B                                   E
Slurred diction failing what you're trying to say
E            F#
If you are a slave to love
             E       F#      B
You're gonna pay and pay and pay

                   B         E               F#   B
Our flightpath's a gradual descent, from the firmament
      B           E           F#          B
I can tell by the tone of the letters you sent
B             E         F#              B
What was once sacred is now filled with hatred
    B    E             F#      B
How come such love can be dissipated?

E         F#                B            E
I've had enough of all this poison and decay
E                         F#
If you wanna come face to face with love
             E       F#      B
You've gotta pay and pay and pay