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Don't Lose Control Chords

Oliver Onions - Don't lose control

text by : Guido & Maurizo de Angelis
music by: Guido & Maurizo de Angelis
lyrics transcribed by: tkimitkiy

Main riff

   G			    D			  G


   G				    D
1. I've seen your smile, that would begin
   G			       D
   dreams left behind, now I'm here.
   G				     D
   Hit them well, there's no need to regret.
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G	       D
And though the times you've seen the things around
Em			       C  H/C Am	 G
thumblin' down, hath no way to season    for the reason.
	     D				   Em
Shall little breeze've turned your mind to one you knew,
			   C   H/C   Am	     D
whose loves true you don't choosin',    only loosing tempo,

that you're losing control - it's no place you should go,
don't lose control. 

2. Time's progress and the nature will change,
   almost blend to rearrange.
   Heart remain the same and reflects.

And just as mind searching for the pray,
bringin' down any pride on goin'.
Never goin'.

Well if you mind you've been lost
always in the crowd and all the years go after;
if you disaster them all, that you're losing control
it's no place you should go, don't lose control.

3. Dreams left them well, don't ever regrets
   hearts remained the same and reflects.
   I'm seein' your smile, that will begin.


Note: I just tried to write the words I heard.
****  Than I got some crazy f*cking chords into it.
      Enjoy! :) -> If you can better, let's show me! :)