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I Would Chords

  E        B             A  
Lately I found myself thinking
        E        B         A            
Been dreaming about you a lot
     E         B             A
And up in my head I'm your boyfriend
           C#m               B       E              
But that's one thing you've already got

     E          B          A
He drives to school every morning
      E        B           A 
While I walk alone in the rain
      E        B           A
He'd kill me without any warning
   C#m         B           E
If he took a look in my brain

  E       A            B   E
Would he say he's in L-O-V-E?
         A      E        B        C#m
Well if it was me then I would,(I would)
 E        A                    B      E
Would he hold you when you're feeling low
      A         E           B        C#m
Baby you should know that I would,(I would)

[Repeat Chorus]
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 E           B            A
Back in my head we were kissing
    E                  B     A 
I thought things were going alright
        E          B           A  
With a sign on my back saying 'kick me'
  C#m     B        E
Reality ruined my life

 E              B           A
Feels like I'm constantly playing
   E              B          A   
A game that I'm destined to lose
      E         B                A   
Cause I can't compete with your boyfriend
     C#m  B    E
He's got 27 tattoos

[Repeat Chorus]

 E         A
Would he please you?
B         E
Would he kiss you?
 A         E            B  C#m
Would he treat you like I would?
 E         A
Would he touch you?
 B        E
Would he need you?
 A        E            B  C#m 
Would he love you like I would?

[Repeat Chorus]
[Repeat Bridge]
[Repeat Chorus]
A  E     A E           
I would, I would yeah.