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Sister Sunshine Chords

Hello, these are the chords for the song sister sunshine from omnia. Some chords 
are placed a little away from where you play them, but they are all there. Have fun!

Oh, Sister sunshine 
       C                                                                 G
She leads you through the flowers where our petals 
Fall like memories of days that never were 

Oh, Sister Sunshine 
She stands before you wearing just a sparkle 
On the silver ribbons shining in her hair
When all the colours get too loud 
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Just catch a failing leaf and chase the clouds 
That drive away the cobwebs from your mind 
Her smile can led you far astray 
Though you will never lose your way 
‘cause there’s always another day 
In the sunshine
Calling Sister Sunshine
And as she sings your fears to sleep 
With lullabies of ocean deepness 
Cradled on her breast 
Her thoughts within you seep 
You listen to her fairy tales and lies 
You’re just a prisoner in her eyes 
But is she mad or wise you’ll never know
C         G                           D
Come, shine your light on me x4

D                                           C
Her smile can lead you far astray 
Though you will never lose your way 
‘cause there’s always another day
In the sunshine