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Ship Without An Anchor Chords

E:  0   0   0
A:  3   3   1
D:  3   0   0
G:  2   2   0
B:  1   3   2
e:  0   3   3

You'll come back when the tides gone
You said you'd never go so you can't
The sunset don't go down at dawn
So wrap it up with a guitar and a song

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Chorus: F, C, G
Your just a ship without an anchor
Your just a man without a spine 
And what ever you do there's no going back
Because it is only the 27th of July

He counts like 1,2,3
With achievements he never made 
Brought new friends for tea
But you, you would never change
You would always be his rock


:: Middle 8th ::

Am, F, C, G