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Halo Chords

By Oleander

    F9              Asus2         Asus2/F#
x-3-3-2-0-1     x-0-2-2-0-0     x-2-2-2-0-0

Intro: F           F9                 x4     
       Asus2       Asus2/F#      C    x2

     Asus2                  Asus2/F#
And it's always little things 
That to the surface brings
The comfort in the pain 
The fear behind the smile
We lose along the way 
The things we leave behind
Along the precipice 
Of things we should not climb
And I'm the first in line 
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G                           D/F#
There's an anchor around my heart
Dragging me down
Beneath the waves in silence I fall
There's a halo above my head
Spinning me 'round
'Cause I don't know if I'm alive or dead
A dagger in my hand
            F          F9          F          F9
Bleeding me dry

And it's always little things
That to the surface brings
The space you need to breathe
Before the curtain call
The light that leads the way
Before you hit the wall
The mountain that you climb
Just to take a fall
For blind among the blind

C                  D       F
And all we have to lose is time
And what lose we leave behind
Stay around and we will shine

F   F9   F   F9