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Yodelady Chords

        G                C              G
We were camping, we were boilin' up the beans
           G               C            D
And makin' coffee with the water of the stream
         G                    C       G
We slept outside and we slept inside, too
        G                 C
But for so many nights of sleepin'
        D                     G
Lord, I only wanna sleep with you

    G         C          G
Yodelady, yodelady of my dreams
    G               C                 D
Yodelady, yeah, you make my blood run clean
    G         C          G
Yodelady, yodelady of my dreams
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         G                   C               G
You came dancin' through the landscape of my sleep
        G                  C                  D
And you asked me, "What if I'm the one you'll wed?"
           G            C     D        G
I tried to kiss you but I got drunk instead


             G                   C              G
You broke my loneliness when you came to me and smiled
               G                C                 D
Well, man, I'd never think that you could e'er be shy
    G                             C         G
You broke me like an egg over the hills and valleys
G                             C          D                G
Folks, I was the yoke of love broken and brilliant on the trees