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In The Beginning Chords

G                     C
In the beginnin' when true love was winnin'
The list of my faults was long
You found them delightful but not for a lifefull
Honey I rubbed you wrong

G                     C
Now I am guessin' you find it depressin'
Think of your sufferin' long
There’s gatherin' violence and your stormy silence
Honey would you hear my song
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          C          D        G       C
Though we drive each other around the bend
     C     D        G      C
It's you I long for at the end
C        D           G       C
Rain may fall so the sun can shine
C        D        G C
You will still be mine
C       D        G
You can still be mine

       G                        C
It's a gainful employment: your mounting annoyment
I head you off at the pass
But I make it worse, it's my special curse
You've always been a fiery lass


Em                       C
Well how many things can we break in two
G                        C
One part me and one part you
Em                         C
But our hearts will blend; our faults we'll mend
A                  G
This is the song I send:
Do re mi fa so la ti do

Verse 1