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James River Blues Chords

I tabbed this song basing it off the earlier James River Blues chords listed 
here.  I personally like this version better, and think it sounds more melancholy 
when performed solo, and is easier as it uses all open chords.  I put the Capo on 
the first fret, but feel free to experiment and play around with it.  I strum it 
with a Johnny Cash-esque one-two pattern, but feel free to try different things.  Enjoy!

Capo Fret 1

G               EM
James River blues
G                        EM
I just heard the awful news
G                          EM
I could steer around the rocks
G                              EM 
But they're bustin' down the docks

G  EM  G  EM

G              EM
James River blues
G                     EM
That train came on through
G                       EM
And the works gotten slow
G                       EM 
Now where's a boatman to go?

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/o/old_crow_medicine_show/james_river_blues_crd_ver_2.html ]
C                     D
I think I'll float on down
C            D
To Richmond town
C                     D
They don't need us anymore
Haulin' freight from shore to shore
That big iron hauls much more
Than we ever could before

G  EM  G  EM

G                         EM
I've seen good men going wrong
G                          EM
I've seen bad ones get it right
G                      EM
As that river rolls along
G                       EM
I'll be stepping out tonight

C             D
On the cool flow
C                     D
Floatin' down down below
C                           D
The bridge till the waters edge
C                       D
From the ridge to the ledge
C                      D
From the hills to the sea
C                 D
I'll become a memory

G              EM
James River blues
G              EM
James River blues
G              EM
James River blues

End with a flourish