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Humdinger Chords

By Old Crow Medicine Show 
Tabbed by: Hqe0352

[I tried playing this with the other tabs, and the C on the 
"...then we're gonna have a humdinger" just does not 
sound right. F does. Most of the song is just the D and C 
at a steady rhythm. Just repeat for all verses.
 First upload, so be kind] 
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D (let ring)        C 
Party of the century
D (let ring)         C 
No cops allowed 
D (let ring)                    C
Just me and seven hundred others 
D (let ring)                     C 
Come on, join the crowd

We got wine, whiskey, women and guns
How can you 'ford not to have any fun 
G (let ring) 
If your not a right winger
         F (let ring) 
than were gonna have a humdinger