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Dont Ride That Horse Chords

Couldn't find Old Crow tabs anywhere, so I wrote this up myself. Obviously most is 
with a banjo but you can get by with this. It fits but probably isn't exactly right.

Em           G
To Winnipeg, Saskatoon
A            C
Eutaw, Wawa, empty room
Em           G
Hidin' bags, rollin' smokes
A                    C
Skippin' punchlines, crackin' jokes

Em             G
So pour it on, toss it back
A                  C
Play that cocaine, play that shack
Em             G
Sleepin' every now and then
A                    C                   G
Curled up tight with Crit and Ben on the ground
I ain't never goin' home again
      C             D
I was tuggin' at my mama's breast
    G                 C          A
The first year really is the best

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/o/old_crow_medicine_show/dont_ride_that_horse_crd.html ]
Em                   G
His blood pressure's droppin' down
A                         C
We ditched the pot and we marked the ground
Em          G
Ante up and watch him ride
A                C
Check that dude, he almost died

Em            G
Seein' bears, ascendin' clown
A                   C
Shut our whole damn circus down
Em            G
Crappin' up in Joliet
A                      C           G
We haven't wrecked the trailer yet But we will
We're gonna get killed...


D                  C
   Don't ride that horse
   Don't ride that horse, honey
D                  C
   Don't ride that horse back home
G               C     Em G A C x2
   Just let him roam