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Aint It Enough Chords

Capo 4.......Opening=(C,G,F,C(stall it 2x), 
Am G) repeat 2x

Listen to song and play along it will help with timing(duh). Also check for lyrics. They 
may be incorrect.

Verse 1
 C         G         F           C
Show me a river I'll show you an ocean
            Am    D         G
Show you a castle turn into sand
       C           G           F            C
For we rise and we fall and we crash on the coastline
              Am       G                F
And only our love will last to till the end
C          G             F       C
Fortune is fleeting your time is deceiving
                Am           D         G
Our bodies are weak and they turn into dust
       C         G           F            C
Though following blindly but love is like lightning
                 Am          G        F
It strikes only one time but aint it enough

          C        G           F          C
Aint it enough to live by the ways of the world
      F           C       F            G
To be part of the picture whatever its worth
           C               G          F       C
Throw your arms round each other and love one another
                  Am            G                C
For its only one life that weve got and aint it enough
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          From C chord above do (G, F, C(stall 2x), 
Am, G)

Verse 2
C          G          F             C
Surely all people are made for each other
         Am               D            G
Joining together when the days turn to dust
           C            G               F            C
So let the prison walls crumble and the boarders all tumble
                       Am           G       F
Theres a place for us all here and aint it enough

                    Chorus (refer to above)

G                   F            C
Late in the evening feeling the wind blow
G                          F           C
Tall through the treetops, warm in the sun
Am               G
Lying beside you watching the moon rise
   F                                G
If thats all there is babe, aint it enough?

                (C, G, F, C(stall 2x), Am, 
G) repeat 2x

'Verse' 3
C         G          F           C
Show me a river I'll show you an ocean
                Am       D       G
Stars just like diamonds shining above
          C           G           F              C
Where the heavens are beaming and all the worlds dreaming
             Am       G       F
Peace everlasting and aint it enough

                   Chorus/ Listen to the song on youtube to figure out the ending it is 
really easy to follow. I recommend the echo chamber result on youtube because it is 
really easy to hear what they are playing.