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Barrier Reef Tab

Song: Barrier Reef
Artist: the Old 97s
Album: Too Far to Care
Tabbed by: Cary Nightingale (phxcdnightingale@hotmail.com)

I should begin by saying that I'm tone-deaf and this is probably
wrong, so hopefully someone will correct it and complete it, as I
only have the main riff.

Standard (EADGBE low to high) tuning
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/o/old_97s/barrier_reef_tab.html ]
              *   *   *

(those last 3 notes are staccato)

That's the riff heard in the intro and the first part of verses;
it changes a bit for the remainder of each verse and I can't hear it
well enough to figure it out as yet.  I will try to finish this song
and post it later.  Let me know if I messed up badly.