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Calling And Not Calling My Ex Chords

D D (little riff) G G/F# x2
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She was once mine
                G      G/F#                D                                 G G/F# 
That smile that shines from the glossy magazine that stuck inside the Sunday Times
           D                  G    G/F# (and so on...)
She was so sweet on Christmas Eve
With the snow set deep, when we went walking through the pines
                Em                            G
I had just been fired and her first offer had arrived
And the new year would see her flying far away from me
A               A?(002223)     D     G G/F#
Though I didn't know it at the time
With outstretched hands
        G         G/F#
Now she commands
         D                A
A famous figure for every picture
        D                        G        G/F#
And she stands up strong and she demands
And they deliver
Yeah, she's a fixture
           Em                           G                                  D/F#
And it's a mixture of dumb jealousy and fear that I might feel, should she appear
Just like it hasn't been three years
              Em                             G
And there's a distance to her voice over the phone and that's because she stands D/F#
                        A      A?
While I'm still sitting here
                 Em                    Bm
Girl, you see me here on another quiet night
                    D/F#                    A
I will wait until another indistinguishable day arrives
       Em                              Bm
I'll decide where the light's even and bright
                              D/F#                           A              Em
Where my life's sweet as it's slightly, disappointedly, just gliding softly by
                   Bm                      D/F#
And you won't wait for me in some secluded stand of trees some Christmas Eve some 
A                           Em
god was kind enough to set aside
Although I'd love you to, I'm proud of you
    D/F#                            A
God knows I'm feeling really stupid now
                         D    G  G/F#
For having ever said goodbye
During the fight
              G       G/F#
I said, "Yeah right"
         D                                 G        G/F#         
When you insisted that I visit, that you'd write
                           D                                         G     G/F#
Now, I know you're working hard so I never hear from you, and that's fine
             D                           G       G/F#
You look the same on TV as when you were mine
  Em                             Bm           A
I walk in from the kitchen and I finger the remote control
  Em                                  Bm                  A
I watch you from the distance, you go walking through the terminal
  Em                               D/F#     
I remember ever instance, when you stung me
Oh, you're so lovely
Oh, you're so smart
                  G                    A                    D      G   G/F# x2
So, go turn their heads, go knock them dead, go break their hearts
               D      G G/F#
Go break their hearts
Baby, break their hearts
And I know you will