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If You Let It Chords

Capo 2

C Em

Verse 1:
C         Em
Easily distracted
C                  Em
By degrees of satisfaction
        Dm           G
Just to cover up the blues

C                         Em
Well, I botched the key incision
C                 Em
By a wave of indecision 
          Dm               G
Don't you dare let it hurt you

F               C
We all make mistakes
But heartache won't take
Unless you let it

F                  C
And if it goes too far
You forget who you are
If you let it
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Verse 2:
C                   Em
You had your shit together
C               Em
Long before you met her
        Dm              G
But she threw you for a loop 
C                  Em
Figured you'd know better
C                           Em
Than let a girl ruffle your feathers
     Dm                  G
But, boy, she's got your goose


Dm                Am
You're not in the business of breaking hearts
Dm                    Am
What do you do it for free?
Dm         Am
Try capitalizing on your regrets
C                          G
Maybe then you'd make some money, honey, honey, honey ...