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From boingo692x@mail.telis.org Fri Apr 18 10:27:41 1997
Date: Thu, 10 Apr 1997 17:16:29 -0700
From: Oh' C 
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Subject: Tab: Something Isn't Right by Oingo Boingo

Song: Something Isn't Right
Artist: Oingo Boingo
>From the Bachelor Party Movie Soundtrack
Transcribed by Boingo692x@mail.telis.org

The whole song is simply power chords.  Listen to the recording from Dan
Crevier's "The Boingo Page" in the rare songs section.  Remember to palm
mute as well.

Main riff

	E - B#-B-A - E - F#
	E - B#-B-A - E - G-G-A-A
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/o/oingo_boingo/something_isnt_right_crd_ver_2.html ]
This repeated throughout the song which then jumps into chorus when Danny
is singing

	A - G - A - B#
	A - G - A - B#-C#
for the second time this is played with

	Ab - Gb - Ab - B-C

When Danny is not singing use

	A - Ab - G - A - F
	A - Ab - G - A - F-B

There is also an interlude part that come after the trombone solo.  A
slight variation on the main riff that simply goes

	E - D - E - F#
	E - D - E - G-G-A-A

That is it those are the chords necessary to play the song.  Timing is up
to you.

Chords (low to high)

E    = X-7-9-9-X-X------|
B#    = 8-10-X-X-X-X----|
B    = 7-9-X-X-X-X------|
A    = 5-7-X-X-X-X------|
F#    = X-10-12-12-12-X-|
G    = 3-5-5-X-X-X------|
C#    = 10-12-12-X-X-X--|
Ab    = 4-6-6-X-X-X-----|
Gb    = 2-4-4-X-X-X-----|
C    = 9-11-11-X-X-X----|
F    = 1-3-3-X-X-X------|
D    = X-5-7-7-X-X------|

Happy playing