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Date: Mon, 29 Sep 1997 21:03:09 -0700
From: Jack Skellington 
Subject: Tab: Burn Me Up by Oingo Boingo

Song: Burn Me Up
Artist: Oingo Boingo
Album: Farewell Halloween 1995
Written by: Danny Elfman
Tabbed by: boingo692x@mail.telis.org

Here's the tab for one of the cooler songs on the Farewell Album.  It 
starts with sax.


Verse Chords

C#5   G   F#

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/o/oingo_boingo/burn_me_up_crd.html ]
The Chorus is this:
F# - open E - F# - open E - F# - open - G - F#
C# - B - C# - B - D - C# - B

that's a fairly basic version of the song.

The song would sound especially good on a guitar with a tremolo (Whammy)
bar during the interlude section with the three guitars playing different
bent notes creating a ghostly moaning effect.


I would like to be a martyr, over time it's getting harder.
Who do I have to go and kill to get my face on a dollar bill.

Every single time I look, someone else has beat me to it.
Some poor bastard bites the dust, I really don't know who to trust.
But there's one thing I can't deny, I'd rather it was me they fried.
Have a drink from an empty cup, light a match and burn me up.

I'm exhausted, I'm committed.  I'm outsmarted, I'm outwitted.
My head's filled with dynamite, it's coming out of my ears at night.

I think I am being watched, electris eyes that never turn off.
Radar beams insinuating, evil thoughts while I'm masterbating.
And even my old trinitron, it's coming through when nothings on.
Have drink from an empty cup, light a match and burn me up.