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Jennifer Lost The War Tab

Jennifer Lost the War, by the Offspring (self titled)

Standard Tuning

Chords definition:

   E(lo)  A  B  C  C#  D   E(hi)

There's a lot of cute little riffs in this song

Riff 1 - This is played halfway through each chorus
It isn't right either, but it sounds pretty close

Riff 2 -- This is played after the first chorus
Play it fast, it's hard to tell the first part of it, but even if you ca
play it, mess around in an E blues scale, and it'll sound fine.
                                       )  )

Riff 3 -- This is played after the second chorus
This is all I could make of it, you'll have to play it at lightning spee
and even then it sounds wrong.  At least it doesn't last very long :)


Riff 4 -- This is played after the bridge, it's kinda cool, just bend th
lower string up to the point where it matches the pitch of the upper str
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Riff 5 -- This is played at the end of the song, it's a nice ending


The little intro thing is E(hi) D C#, D C# B

(Drums only here)
Jennifer lost the war today, they'll find her burnt and raped

Through it all she must have wondered what have I done

    E(lo)         A               D              E(hi)
But nobody really cares today the world's a busy place

C                 D                  B
Guess she must've really sinned ahh, really sinned ahh

A             D
I guess we're all just soldiers

She was only six years old

A       D
Left to die by strangers

(Riff 1)
While her family waits

A            D
And if we're all just soldiers

E(hi)                D        B
Is it so wrong to be afraid

B                     (Riff 2)
Jennifer lost the war

E(lo)           A         D                  E(hi)
Phoebe lost the war today there must be some mistake

C              D            B
Say it happens all the time and it's said and done

E(lo)               A              D              E(hi)
Little miss fifteen sixtyfive your soul remains unclaimed

C                   D              B
Guess you must have really sinned, ahh

A        D
Morality won't help her

When she lies silent in a morgue

A           D
And all our sorrows

Riff 1
Just don't count at all

A            D
But will the morning headlines

E(hi)                      D
Even say that it's a shame

B                  D   B
What we're heading for

B                  (Riff 3)
Jennifer Lost the war

B(mute)             D C#
Seen it all before,

A                       E(lo)
Silent on the ground as he's walking away

B(mute)                    D C#