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I Want You Bad Chords

     Hello everybody,this song is easier than it looks:

       Intro: E,C#m,B,A x4 times

       for    Verses

          If you could only read my mind...
   and so on use the same chords

      For the bridge:
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        Your one vice,is you`re too nice and so on just use the
    chords backwords:

    For the last part:

      Don`t get me wrong,i know you`re only beeing good,
      But that`s what`s wrong,I guess i just missunderstood
    use: B,A,C#m,B

      And finis with:
      Your one vice,is u`re too nice,etc is the same old A,B,C#m,E

      The chorus is played also with E,C#m,B,A

      Good luck!Any comments at