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Dirty Magic Chords

This is my first Tab, and although it is quite simple i think it fits 100% to the
song. This was inspired by listening to the Accoustic version of Dirty Magic,
performed by Dexter and Kevin in the video on the Greatest Hits DVD.

if you have any comments, additions or something feel free to mail me:

Dirty Magic

Verse 1:

In my own simple way

G                    D
I think she wants me only

Em        D               A
She said "Come over right away."

But she's just not that way

G                  D
Her little soul is stolen

Em                 D         A
See her put on her brand new face

[ Tab from: ]
Ohh, Pull the shades

Razor blades

You're so tragic

Ohh, I hate you so

But love you more

I'm so elastic

Ohh, The things you say

Games you play

D            A
Dirty magic, ahh...

Verse 2 (repeat Chords from Verse 1):

I should know better than
To think I'd reach inside her
It's all a cloudy kind of daze
She's not so sweet today
She mocks me, I'm no fighter
It all just seems like such a waste


A              Em
It's oversimplified

Em             A
It's oversimplified

A              Em
It's oversimplified

CHORUS and Fade Out

have fun, and listen to it on the Greatest Hits DVD...