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Jaques Lamure Chords

the chord pattern in this song is really weird, yet pretty brilliant.

C                             F
Jacques Lamure is a volunteer fireman
Em                    A
He longs to give his life
G#                            C#             
Saving a nice old man and his wife
When their house is filled with flames
Earning him honor and fame

C                                 F
Jacques Lamure is a foreman at a clock factory
Em                 A
He wishes he were boss
G#                                      C#
So he could fire that scoundrel William Moss
Who always puts him down
When Megan Blanchard is around

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He told himself last year
that when springtime was here
Bb                                C#
He would suddenly appear at Meg's door
            G#                 Cm
He'd rent a mariachi band and respectfully demand
His dear Meg to take his hand
          B           E
And to be his forever more
But of course he didn't dare
A                    F#
and pretended not to care
           G            C
About the insult or the loss
         C#                              D   A  F#
When he found out she'd married William Moss

Jacques Lamure goes to see a show
every other Friday night
Em                    A
He likes the westerns best
G#                                               C#
He'd rather be a sheriff with a gold star on his chest
Than that weird guy who never says a word
And when spoken to pretends he hadn't heard

Dm                          C
He realized one day that he didn't have to stay
Bb                                             C#
That he could move as far away as planes could fly
He chuckled as he mused
About the people who had rused him
    A                                        B
And how shocked and confused that they would be
             E                        E7
When he says goodbye and never turns around
A                                F#
Never returns to that miserable town
G                                C
Then as weeks passed he soon did find
                C#                          D   A  F#
This move had greatly improved his state of mind