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Missing Pieces Chords

Artist: Of A Revolution
Song: Missing Pieces
Album:  The Wanderer
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The chords for this one are D and G.  Just go between them and for
the first line of each verse hit the D, let the lyrics go, and don't 
play the G, then start on the D again when it gets to that time.  
The stumming pattern is that you hit the chord once on a down strum,
the hit the strings muted on a downstrum, then upstrum downstrum
upstrum with a shuffle feel, then hit the strings muted when you are
making the chord change.
Chords go with the lyrics as such:
D                                          D
I woke up with a headache from the night before
        G          D                        G                 D
sometimes i drink, i spent the night with my head in a toliet bowl
             G                                D
thats where i like to think, cause say cause i dont want 
    G               D                G        D
no one to take a piece of my heart, lalalalahideoo!!!

The chords are approx. cause for some reason i'm an idiot and i just 
can't figure out when i switch them when i'm singing.  Oh well...hope
it helps anyway.