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Men Of Such Opinion Chords


B-side to You've Got It Bad (Limited Edition Single)

Chords used:

G5:  355xxx    G:   355433    Eb9:  x65666
Bb5: 688xxx    Bb:  688766
A5:  577xxx    A:   577655
Ab5: 466xxx    Ab:  466544
F5:  133xxx    F:   133211
Gb5: 244xxx    Gb:  244322
Db5: x466xx    Db:  x4666x
Eb5: x688xx    Eb:  x6888x

--------------|--|   Play this repeatedly
--------------|--|   during the intro and
--------5-----|--|   first verse.

Summer death, slow step

Walk behind the mother of the thirteen year old brown-eyed boy

Attitudes, attitudes

Sloganized by middle boots

The men who slogged the brown-eyed boy

Bb5           A5          Ab5                    G5
 And it's the end of everything that you've been told about
Decency, honesty
Ab5           G5             Gb5               F5                 Eb5
 And it's the end of holding back and breaking bones and building bombs
                        Db5          Ab5          Eb5
And hanging witch-hunts conducted by men of such opinion


Repeat first verse
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/o/ocean_colour_scene/men_of_such_opinion_crd.html ]
Bb            A               Ab                G                      F
 And it's the end of building roads to load the dead to someone else's field
Ab            G              Gb               F                Eb
 And it's the end of falling back on breaking backs and aching handshakes
                   Db           Ab           Eb
And playing fields conducted by men of such opinion

Bb                           Db
 But the fathers crossed you boys
I fire so heaven knows not only righteous folk
              B                              F#
But righteous taste hold the keys to sitting grace
                     E               B             F#
To conduct and to proclaim decisions made of such opinions

(guitar solo)

Bb            A              Ab
 And it's the time of summer days
              G              F
When children sing about the killing fields
Ab      G                  Gb                  F
 Winter melts the snow and knees will crack on rock
And the iron on earth beneath the dearth bequeathed
Db          Gb           Eb9
Penchant by men of such opinion