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Date: Sat, 18 Apr 1998 10:39:14 +0000
From: Paul Law 
Subject: o/ocean_colour_scence/hundred_mile_high_city.tab

Here's my attempt at Ocean Colour Scene's HUNDRED MILE HIGH CITY  from 
the album MARCHIN' ALRADY. You'll find that most of it is right but some of the guitar 
parts are a little off but they do sound right.

E (022400)
D (x57775)
A (577655)
C (x35553)
G (355433)


|----------------| You'll know what I mean. I can tab
|----------------| this part out. It's all those E's.


This is the main intro riff and the main riff what is used in the verses.
It is play twice on it's own then this is played over the top of it:

|--20--20--20--| Then this is played over and over.
|--------------| Until the intro ends....


Chorus: (Mute the strings between each chord)
C       G          D       A 
I get a need and I want to please it
C        G            D          A
I gott a face and I'm wanting to feel it

  C      G       D       A
|-------------------------------| This is played over
|-1-------0------3-------2------| last two lines in
|---0-------0------2-------2----| the chorus
C          G           D           A
The more I feel is the more that I need it
C          G           E
The more I need is the less I believe it

Musical Interlude:
Intro riff twice then:


|-------------------|  This last part isn't right but
|-------------------| the rest of it is... more or less


Musical Interlude 2:
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/o/ocean_colour_scene/hundred_mile_high_tab.html ]
|-----------------------------------| There's a whistel
|-----------------------------------| played here. Scared
|-----------------------------------| the crap out of me at 
|-----------------------------------| the OCS gig in Febuary!!!

|---------------| Play this 8 times. It is played 
|---------------| quite quicklly so be carefull...

|-----------------------------| This part is played 
|--8h10--10-10-8--------------| twice. The next bit is
|----------------9-8-7---7--5-| quite hard. It's easier
|----------------------7------| to do on a gibson Les Paul
|-----------------------------| rather than on a Fender Strat... 
  A ~ ~ ~ ~
|--------------------------|  The chord A is played 
|--------------------------|  once and it is not strummed!

Intro Riff:

Guitar Solo:



Verse 3: (As verse 1)



|--------------------------------------| Play twice

Then play the second part of the chorus lead twice.
(Y'know - the over dubbed part)

   C     G      D       A
|-----------------------5--|  This is played about 4
|-----------------------5--|  times I think...

|----------------------------------| I'm sure they've
|----------------------------------| got this bit from
|------5--------------3------------| SONG OF A BAKER
|----5--------5-----3--------3---2-| by the Small Faces

   D5    D#5   E5               
|---------------------------------------| Yet again...
|---------------------------------------| play twice
|--12----13----14-----------------------| Bass guitar
|--12----13----14-----------10x12-10----| doesn't play
|--10----11----12-----10-12----------12-| riff 2nd time

 (Some sort of effect... maybe flange or wah wah pedal)
|--12-s-0--| Play that a few times then the guitar
|--13-s-1--| part above etc, etc....

Then the song ends with loads of noise and stuff but I can't
be arsed to write that out.