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Huckleberry Grove Chords

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Date: Wed, 8 Apr 1998 19:53:20 +0200
From: Oscar 
Subject: o/ocean_colour_scene/huckleberry_grove.crd

Tablature for Huckleberry Grove
Author : Ocean Colour Scene
Album : Mosely Shoals
Tabbed by : Matt Williams (OCS@ammcj.demon.co.uk) and Gavin Long

D             A
Shirley was a lady,
G                      A
his teeth were made of gold.
D                      A
She danced before the music,
G                 A
and everything it told.
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            D                 F#          G             D    A
Huckleberry Grove...Where the music plays into tomorrow night.
            D            F#                  G               D    A
Huckleberry Grove...Only fools would need to walk you out to fight.

D                 A
Shirley had eight children,
G                    A
and each of them was told:
 D               A
"You got joy for singing,
G               A
burning in your soul."

            D                 F#           G                 D   A
Huckleberry Grove...Where the idiots can't tease you up your mind.
            D              F#                    G             D   A
Huckleberry Grove...Take a free train leave your luggage far behind.

Cadd9        G       D
Oh she sings Shangri La x2
And so on...