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Big Star Chords

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Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998 23:56:08 -0800
From: mr973154@student.paisley.ac.uk (Martin Rodgers)
Subject: CRD: big_star.crd by Ocean Colour Scene

I have resently just dicovered the internet and its great advantages
(especially this guitar archive)and i would like to say cheers to
whos helped in this ingenius idea. here is my small contribution

Big star - Ocean Colour Scene   album - marchin already
-----------------------------   -----------------------

NOTES- I have only shown the chords for this
however this song is played arpeggio style,
       I would have been here all day if i was to write out
       exactly what I play, to be honest
       i don't know exactly what I play.
       What I recomend is just listen to the song (trying to ignore the
       and make up a pluckedy bit of your own (its not too difficult)
       hints = throw in some hammer ons, on the bass strings when
playing the chords

Emin/Emin/ D / D / C / C / D / D /

Verse 1
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/o/ocean_colour_scene/big_star_crd.html ]
Emin                                  D
I___ don't___ want_ to be_ another big star
picking at your cars
stealing at your clothes
finding out__ what you dont know_____
you don't know___

Verse 2

Emin                               D
I___I___I don't want to be__ your big star
             C                        D
picking your calls___; saying i don't know
Emin                         D
I__I__I don't want t be your suitor
lacking at your feet
Trying to love the things you need

Emin   G           D     G      Emin
oh you know you've heard this before
Emin    G         D     G         Emin
And you know i've heard this some more
Emin                 G         D     G        Emin
And please give me a chance to break down the door
G                       C
but i sit oh oh I still sit here

Verse 3
I don't want to be another tailor
Pricking at you'r thumb Washing all the tears away
Some words Oh I believe they don't feel you
picking up your dirt
And washing all the tears away

(this verse follows the same pattern as the previous verses)

these chords and lyrics were brought to you by Martin Rodgers
with the help of his six string, a cd player and of course the olga

As every other piece of work in here says "any questions, comments or
they're all welcome. (e mail me at )
Im working on the small lead part for this song, it should be TABBED
and ready soon