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Better Day Chords

This is the great song as performed live, im not sure if it differs at all from the 
version but when played correctly this tune sounds great!

Enjoy my first tab!

Chords used :

A (barred) - 577655
A (normal) - 002220
Bm - 024432
D - 000232
Dsus - 000233
E - 022100
F - 133211
G - 320013
G#/Ab - 466544

Intro (normally on piano)

A (barred)  /  G#/Ab  /  F   /   E

Verse 1

A (barred)      G#/Ab        F         E
Sonny signed his name up for tomorrow

And laughed with all this friends

   Bm             E              F
At all the little men who borrow tunes

They heard just yesterday

Verse 2

A (barred)      G#/Ab        F         E
Davey got us down but we got away

And drank to all the days
     Bm            E
That we had whiled away

             F                   E
Just playing robin hood a little out of phase


And then the nightmares come

And you get blown away
(when your friends go away, on last chorus)

D (continue to strum)
And up in your room your walls are cold

D (continue to strum)
You find your head is holding out

For the welcome of a better day
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And then the nightmares come

And you get blown away

D (continue to strum)
And up in your room

D (continue to strum)
Your walls are getting colder

D (continue to strum)
Like youre getting on a roller coaster

You cant find the breaks

Verse 3 (Same chords as above)

Stevie burned the sky when he flew away
And left us things to say
When all the world was falling down
Around our shoulders; cold and grey
Harry carried on in his usual way
And minnie went inside
He came out once and we both cried
And minnie blew my head away

(repeat chorus and chords)


When youre giving everything away

Everybody lets you pay

Youre saving up for a better day

Seeing things in a better way

When you know youve got to live

Theres nothing you wont give

To hear the phone and not let it ring

      A (barred)  G#/Ab     F    E       D
Every mon    -     day     mor - or   -  ning

Bm   E   F   E

Verse Four (same chords as above)
Shughie found love and he almost cried
We laughed and wondered why
We loved the sky and found the space
And gazed out over stevies plane

(repeat chorus)


A (barred)  G#/Ab     F

E                       D            Dsus    D   A
And then the nightmares come.......