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Ballerina Out Of Control Tab

Genre: Dream Rock
The song is pretty catchy

If you hear this song over and over again, you can follow
the tab.

I'd say this tab is about 90% correct
To those that probably know the song better that I do,
I hope I don't disappoint. This is the first time I write a tab 4 UG

The guitar starts playing at the beginning like this

riff A           riff B

When the drums are playing
start playing these riffs twice (each)

At every beginning of the two verses
play riff A & B only once
When the melody changes, play both riff A & B twice

At every "As she twist and twirls..."
Play this

riff C
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/o/ocean_blue/ballerina_out_of_control_tab.html ]
----------------|----------------| riff D

----------------|----------------| riff E (Repeat this 3 times)

Then come back to riff D
Then back to riff E

It's the same concept throughout the song

While you hear the song coming to its finish,
Play riff A twice then do this


Then strum a partial G chord (don't know my chords by name)


Like I said B4, you have to hear the song over and over again
to understand this tab.

If you can play by ear, you will understand it in no time.

In the words of Bill and Ted
"Be excellent to each other and party on, dudes!"