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Death Of A Priest Chords

Death of A Priest
By  Occipitool
Written by Justin Gelvin


D	               C9
Religion  Equals Death
G		D
Spoken From Everlasting Breath
D			C9
Many sinners Rott in deathful decisions
G				D
The Death of a Priest causes many horrid visions
D			C9
Lying Dead Upon a Preying stool
G			    D
Bloody knife of murder was the tool
 D			C9
The doctors tried to make a revival
G			D
But satan has come to burn the bible
D		C9
Along the road I saw a large piece
G			D
This was the death of the Japanese priest

D	C9	G		D
Please Please Please ?????Death of a Priest
Please Please Please ?????.Death of a Priest
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D				C9
He Spoke of the bible and everlasting life
G			D
Until the day he was slit with the knife
D			C9
He was cut in the main jugular vein
G			      D
His Death till the end was full of pain
D		       C9
The people fleed from this place
G					D
As the killer smiled and licked the blood off his face
D		      C9
The scene on this very occasion

G			    D
Was worse than that of 2 sexual gaysion
D				C9
May he be blown away by a huge gigantic fan
G			D
This crazy shit only happens in Japan

D	C9	G	      D
Please Please Please??.Death of a Priest
Please Please Please??..Death of a Priest

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