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One Drop Of Rain Chords

Thanks for them all Tim

Verse 1
One rain drop falling down on one hill top 
                                              D    C  D
All alone it finds another and together they roll on down
One morning then another
Discovering one another
                                D    C   G
Exploring and adding on to the love we've found
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C                G
And the river is wide
C                  G  D
And our love is so deep
C                 G                 D
Coming down from above again and again
C                G
What started so small
C                 G   D
Now its all I can see
C                     G          D    C G
Like a river growing out of one drop of rain

Verse 2

One foot step, no hurrying
Real easy, no worrying
Loves labour slowly turning into wine
Each day brings your sympathy
Like water rushing over me
It heals me
Its as if you were always mine