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Who Feels Love Chords

Person: John Wheatley

song: Who Feels Love

artist: Oasis

tab: I know that somebody has already submitted the tab
for this track - but they had made a complete mess
of it. So here's my version - the correct version.
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/o/oasis/who_feels_love_crd.html ]
Found what I lost inside, my spirit has been purified
Take a thorn from my side
and hand in hand we'll take a walk outside
Thank you for the sun, the one that
Am7                          C        G
shines on everyone who feels love
There's a million years between my
Am7                        C        G
fantasies and fears I feel love

(the instrumental break)
G      G7      G6      G5     (x7)
G      G7      G6      G6     G+      G+     

the chords are:-

  G7  G6  G5  G+
E  3   3   3   3
B  0   0   3   0
G  0   0   0   0
D  3   2   0   1
A  x   x   x   x
E  3   3   3   3

I got these chords from the radio one acoustic session

if there's any particular track you would like tabbed
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