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from Dont look back in anger single


Dave Caren

Intro..   Bm   G   A
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 Bm                       G        A                           Bm           G
All we need is the sky or ????????  , theres a storyteller sleeping alone
      Bm       G               A                            Bm
    G        A
He has no face and he has no name and his whereabouts are sort of unknown


Bm       G             A          Bm               G            A
All he needs is his life in a suitcase , it belongs to a friend of a friend
                   G                A           Bm                    G

And as we drink to ourselves to amuse ourselves underneath the sky
 A                           Bm
underneath the sky again

      Bm            G              A                                  Bm
  G                A
So wish me away to an unknown place , and were livin in a land with no name

I`ll be making a start with my brand new mouth , to stop me trying to make
sense again

repeat Chorus  to fade