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Talk Tonight Chords

oasis talk tonight !
capo second fret (suits my vocal range)
good luck ! 

sitting on my own , chewing on a bone, 
a thousand million miles from home when,
Cadd9      G       A7sus4                Dsus4   Cadd9
something hit me somewhere right between the eyes,

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sleeping on a plane , you know you cant complain ,
you took your last chance once again ,
Cadd9        G        A7sus4          Dsus4   Cadd9 
I landed, stranded , hardly even knew your name .

chorus :
                   G      D  Em
And I wanna talk tonight , 
          Cadd9   G      D  Em
until the morning light ,
             Cadd9     G  D  Em
bout how you saved my life ,
                         A7sus4  Dsus4  Cadd9 
and you and me see how we are.

repeat through the song , with the same chords.

cheers :) !