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Talk Tonight Chords

Talk Tonight

Chords used:

Em7	(022030)
Em2 	(022033) [used in chorus only]
A7sus4 	(x02030)
Cadd9 	(x32030)
C9  	(x32330)
C2	(x32022) [used in chorus only]
G   	(3x0033)
B/G 	(x20033)
Dsus4	(xx0233)

Em7 (strum once)    Em7  A7sus4   C9   G   A7sus4   Cadd9


Sitting on my own, chewing on a bone
a thousand million miles from home, when
Cadd9	       G	A7sus4			    Cadd9
something      hit me,  somewhere right between the eyes

Sleeping on a plane you know you can't complain
You took your last chance once again, and
landed, stranded, hardly even knew your name

Cadd9                     G     Dsus4  Em2
	   I wanna talk tonight       
		     C2         G     Dsus4  Em2
	   Until the morning light 
		C2    		    G    Dsus4  Em2	
	   'Bout how you saved my life
                     Cadd9           A7sus4    Cadd9
	   And you and me see how we are
                                     A7sus4    Cadd9
	   And you and me see how we are
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/o/oasis/talk_tonight_crd.html ]
Tab for chorus
During the chorus there's a second guitar that plays this little riff 
during each G  Dsus4  Em2  part of the chorus.
[NOTE: this is almost the exact same riff as can be found in the "And all 
the roads we have to walk are winding" part of Wonderwall.]
    G        Dsus2        Em2       C2  

Musical Interlude
Played same as intro.

All your dreams are made of strawberry lemonade
and you make sure I eat today, you
take me      walking to where you played when you were young

I'll never say that I won't ever make you cry 
and this I say I don't know why, I
know I'm     leaving, but I'll be back another day


That's pretty much it, except towards the end of the song, there are 2 
changes to the usual patterns.

1) Towards the end, the "And you and me see how we are" part goes

	Cadd9             A7sus4  B/G  Cadd9
and you and me see how we are
			A7sus4  B/G  Cadd9
you and me see how we are

2) At the end where the chorus is repeating again and again, it starts to 
go like this every 4 measures:

		 G    Dsus2   Em2
I wanna talk tonight
C2              G    Dsus2   Em2
I wanna talk tonight
C2		 G    Dsus2   Em2 Dsus2 C2 Dsus2
I wanna talk tonight
		 G    Dsus   Em2
I wanna talk tonight

(whatever, and so on)