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Sunday Morning Call Chords

			     Sunday Morning call - oasis
Tabbed by:sam.burf


Ive worked really hard on this but can't work out the intro but anyways good luck!

Bb                   Bbm
Here' another sunday morning call
Bb                 Bbm
You hear your head banging on the door
Bb                     Bbm
Slip your shoes on and then out you crawl
Bbm                               Bbm
Into a day that couldn't give you more!
But what for

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/o/oasis/sunday_morning_call_crd_ver_2.html ]
And in your head
Do you feel 
          Em              C
What your not supposed to feel
        G              D
And you take, What you want 
        F                    Em  D
But you don't get it for free

     G          D
You need, More time
          Em                    C                    G
Cause your thoughts and words wont last forever more!
But im not sure
       Em              C
If it ever works out right---
          D      D/C      D/B      D/C
But its ok
           D     D/C      D/B      D/C
Its alright

and so on so forth i hope you all enjoy the tab!