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Step Out Chords

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step out

from dont look back in anger single

Dave Caren

           I  cant understand why this song has not been done yet,

       intro chords   D   Em7  G  C  D

                                           D            Em7
    G              C           D
               What she said , she said to me , take me high on a mountian
                     G                       C       D
                     She was dressed up in leopard skin , and her soul would
never be denied

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/o/oasis/step_out_crd.html ]
           C                         G
                   I met her down the disco in a beat up car , shes burning
down the road
 C                            G
                   she looks just like a star in a jaguar , she needs to
lighten her load... and when

                    D             Em7                   G
D              Em7   G
                  You might think your gonna party , you`ll be alright step
out tonight
                   D              Em7                   G
   D             Em7   G
                  You might think your gonna die , but you`ll be alright step
out tonight

                               D      Em7                    G
   C           D
                   Well I said I said to her ,  I`m alive when you walk that
                                    D          Em7                         G
                    Can you hear what I can hear , it`s the sound of a brand
new day

                   repeat  Bridge

                   repeat  Chorus

                    G                                                   D
   C                      Em7
                   My whole lifes been sinking in the water , i need a ship
not a lost sweet lip

                  Solo   Chords    D  Em7  G  C     D  Em7  C  G     A  C  G
  A  C  G

                  repeat Chorus twice