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Roll With It Tab

Oasis - Roll With It
Tabbed By: Jensen  Pilkngton
EMail: JTPilkIII@aol.com
     D7    C7   G              D7   C7   A

Verse                    (    First Time      )  (  Second Time  )
    G    G    G    G     C  Em  Am    G          C  Em  Am   C  Em

  Am   C  Em D    G    G
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/o/oasis/roll_with_it_tab.html ]
 Play First Time without Second Time at start of verse ("coz it's all too much
for me to take" are the lyrics). On the repeat just play Second Time and go 
straight into next line of tabs (while "I think I've got a feeling I'm lost 
inside" is sung)

   F    F    G    G           F    F    C    D  D/C       D

 Now Repeat Verse (over solo), middle and verse again then this till the end.