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Live Forever Chords

Oasis, live forever.
 Tabbed by Mike carr, mikicarr29@hotmail.com.
Ok this is how it goes and this is how they acctually play it.

Chords for the verse are: G D Am7 C D*2 Em7

G              D
Maybe i dont really want to know
How your garden grows
C                   D
Coz i just want to fly.
G                D
Latley, did you ever feel the pain,
In the morning rain,
       C                D       Em7
As it soaks you to the bone.
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/o/oasis/live_forever_crd.html ]
Chorus chords:Em7 D Am7 C Fsus2.

Em7                       D
     Maybe i just want to fly,
I want to live, i dont want to die,
Maybe i just want to breath,
      D              Em7
Maybe i just dont believe.
Maybe your the same as me,
We see things they\'ll never see,
You and i are gonna live forever.

It is the same for the next verse and chorus. This is defo rite.
Any queries then e-mail me. 

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