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Version: 5 Type: Tab

Little By Little Tab

This is my first tab and it sounds pretty good to me but any comments and 
improvements are welcome.

The Strumming patterns for this song can be pretty difficult to figure out so just 
listen over and over and you'll get it eventually.

Chords Used:
Emadd9 024000
A7     x02020
D      xx0232
G      320033
G/F#   2x0033
A7sus4 x02030
A      x02220
E      022100
Cadd9  x32033
G/B    x20033

Emadd9 A7 x2

Verse 1: (we the people fight for our existence...)
Emadd9 A7 x4

Pre-Chorus 1: (you know i didn't mean what i just said...)
D G G/F# Em7 A7sus4
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/o/oasis/little_by_little_tab_ver_5.html ]
Chorus: (cos little by little i gave you everything...)
G E A Em7 D x3
On the last line of the chorus (and all the time i just ask myself...) it changes to:
G D Cadd9 G/B A7sus4

Verse 2:(True perfection has to..)
Same chords as verse 1

Pre-Chorus 2:
Same chords as pre-chorus 1

Same as chorus 1

Same chords as chorus

Chorus again

Instrumental 2:
G D Cadd9 G/B A7sus4

Verse 3: (repeats why am i really here? twice)
G D Cadd9 G/B A7sus4 x2

G D A7sus4 Em7 D x3
D G Cadd9 G/B G