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Im Outta Time Chords

Artist: Oasis
Song Title: I'm Outta Time
Album: Dig Out Your Soul
Year: 2008
Composer: Liam Gallagher

Em - C - C#m - C(2x)

Em - D - Am - C

Here's A Song
It Reminds Me Of When We Were Young
Looking Back At All The Things Weve Done
You Gotta Keep On Keeping On

Out To Sea
It's The Only Place I Honestly
Can Get Myself Some Peace Of Mind
You Know It's Getting Hard To Fly

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G - F# - Em - Am - C - G(2x)

If Im To Fall
Would You Be There To Applaud
Or Would You Hide Behind Them All
Cos If I Have To Go
In My Heart You Grow
That's Where You Belong

Em - D - Am - C


G - G - Em - Am - C(5x)

Im Outta Time
I'm Outta Time
I'm Outta Time
I'm Outta Time
I'm Outta Time

G - Em - Am - C