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Headshrinker Tab


** Drop 6th to D **

Intro (not perfect, but close):

     h  p  h  p		h  p  h  p	   h  p  h  p
D -12-14-12-14-12--12-12-14-12-14-12-12--10-12-10-12-10--
A -12-14-12-14-12--12-12-14-12-14-12-12--10-12-10-12-10--
D -12--------------12-12-------------12--10--------------

	h  p  h  p	  h  p h  p
D -10-10-12-10-12-10-10--8-10-8-10-8--5-5-3-3-12--
A -10-10-12-10-12-10-10--8-10-8-10-8--5-5-3-3-12--
D -10-10-------------10--8------------5-5-3-3-12--

Verse (play the chords many times):

D -12--10--8--5--3--
A -12--10--8--5--3--
D -12--10--8--5--3--

I know a girl who's lost and lonely

Sits by the phone on her own

But the phone don't ring and the 

G	    F		  D
birds don't sing in their tree

She locks herself in a haze of pity

And doesn't know where to run
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	Bb		       G	
She's a headshrinker now and I think it's time we

F         D
have some fun 


D -5--3-5-12--
A -5--3-5-12--
D -5--3-5-12--

G			F		G
Lost in the fog oh they treat it like a dog and I'm 

out of here

     G		       F       G	   D
I've got no name and I feel no shame and I have no fear

    G		    F	         G
And I broke down to tears of the clown

Whatever's going down is coming around

D -3--7--
A -3--7--
D -3--7--

F			  A			   D
I hope you don't regret today for the rest of your lives

D -12-10-9-8-10--
A -12-10-9-8-10--
D -12-10-9-8-10--

Bb	C	     D
For the rest of your lives (3x, last time end on A)

(verse chords under solo & repeat chorus)

(middle - don't know lead)

(repeat verses & chorus)