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Guess God Thinks I'm Abel Chords

Guess God Thinks I'm A-B-E-L

written by L Gallagher from the Oasis album 'Dont Believe The Truth'

What a great song...and pretty simple too. This is my version worked out in a couple of
minutes. Hope you like. Contact at de_25@yahoo.com

tabbed by Deano

Capo on 4th fret

A7      002020
A7*     002030
A7**    002032
Em      022000
G       320003
D       000232   

Slow tempo (simple strumming)

Verse 1**********************
A7               A7*
I could be your lover
A7**             A7
You could be all mine
A7         A*
We'd go on forever
A7**            A7
Till the end of time
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Verse 2**********************
A7                   A7*
You could be my best friend
A7**              A7
Stay up all night long
A7              A7*
You could be my railroad
A7**           A7
We'd go on and on

Em        G
Let's get along
There's nothing here to do
Em       G      A7
Let's go find a rainbow
Em         G
I could be wrong
But what am I to do
Em        G          A7
Guess god think's Im Abel

Guitar Solo*****************

Verse 3 (as previous)*******

You could be my enemy

I guess theres still time

I get round to loving you

Is that such a crime


(As before)

Followed by (3 times)*******

No one can break us
No one can take us
If they tried

Finish then

Unexpected End section

A7      G
Come on all (or 'home' or 'Noel' not sure) 
      D         A7
Let's make it tonight