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Champagne Supernova Tab

I've noticed that everywhere i go nobody knows the solo to the intro
of champaign supernova and nobody can find the tablature. so, after
a long day of experimenting i managed to come up with this. i thin it
sounds spot on. see for yourself. i warn you though i dont know every
part of the song so you'll have to put it together with some of the
other tabs in this part. its always handy to have a copy of the song
and more than one person on the electric guitar because ther are a lot
of solos and parts which 1 person alone couldn't possibly do.

e     -------------------------------------------------|
B     ----------0---------------0---------------0------|
G     ------2-----2---------2-----2---------2-----2----|
D     ----2---2-----2-----2---2-----2-----2---2-----2--|
A     --0----------------------------------------------|
E     ----------------0-3-------------3-2--------------|

e     --------------0----  just repeat this till you get to the 2nd-|
B     ------------0---0---------------------------------------------|  chorus. which goes as follows
G     --------2---------2-------------------------------------------|
S     ------2---2---------------------------------------------------|
A     --------------------------------------------------------------|
E     --2-0---------------------------------------------------------|

  A   G  F#M  E  G  C  D
  _   _  ___  _  _  _  _
  0   3   0   0  3  5  2
  2   3   2   0  3  5  3
  2   0   2   1  4  6  2
  2   0   0   2  5  7  0
  0   2   0   2  5  7  0
  0   3   2   0  3  5  0


                  A                          G
someday you will find me caught beneath a landslide

       F#M                       E
in a champaign supernova in the sky

                  A                          G
someday you will find me caught beneath a landslide

       F#M                       E
in a champaign supernova, a champaign supernova
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/o/oasis/champagne_supernova_tab_ver_3.html ]
       G(as chord)                                          C
cause people beleive, that they're gonna get away for the summer

    G(as chord)                   D
but you and i will never die, the world still spinning, how, we dont

know why......why,why,why.why

just go back to main rhythm as above. it then goes

e     ----------------------------------------|     \= slide up
B     --12/13\12-10-12----------------10------|     /= slide down
G     -----------------11-------10h12---------|     h= hammer on
D     --------------------10h12---------------| x3  b= bend
A     ----------------------------------------|
E     ----------------------------------------|

after the 3rd time it then goes

e     -----------12-----|
B     --10-12\14----12--|b
G     ------------------|
D     ------------------|
A     ------------------|
E     ------------------|

go back to main rhythm. untill chorus which is just the same.
then comes the big solo in the middle of the song. unfortunatly
i dont know how to play this so you might want to check out the other
tabs submitted for this part on the list. after that big part it
returns to the main rhythm again untill the end which goes like this.

e     ------------------------------------------------------|
B     ----------------------------------------5-2-----------|
G     --4\5/4-4-2-----2-2---2-2-4\5/4-4-2-4\6-----4-2-4\6---|
D     ------------2-4---------------------------------------|
A     ------------------------------------------------------|
E     ------------------------------------------------------|

VOILA! thats my version. i'm sorry i didnt have all those little solo
parts that appear all through the song. try checking out the tab
submitted in other ones in the list of this song. good luck. i hope
i was of some help. just listen to the song and watch out for where
the solo parts i put in appear.for example the 2nd solo part i give
you comes up a few times. its also really handy to have the live
version of the song as the intro solo appears then. you dont hear it
on the single or "whats the story morning glory" album. try
"familiar to millions"

if you have any complaints to this tablature i'd like to hear them.
just as long as you dont try to completly offend me. ok.
  dj_mar2@hotmail.com    <- send them here