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City on Down
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C                                               G
In the end my friend we will all be together again,
                     Am                        F
clutchin' on to my hand, in the valley with sand,
we're just living again, In a while we'll smile,
G                   Am                 F
march on another mile, down hallowed hill,
                        C                              G
tied to the land we'll be still, no one's ever gonna say a thing,
                   Am                F
and we'll be together, together again,
take it on to the city on down.

G     Am       F x2(about this many times)

Then you do the same chord progression for the rest of the song.
I hope this will spark some people to put some more of these guys
up, they are an awesome band.

juxto@hotmail.com (For any corrections or more stuff by OAR)